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The challenge

Monitoring bearings at a reclaimer is a labor intensive and expensive job. A person has to measure every single bearing manually. Because of human error and inaccuracy, it is difficult to get exact and reliable results. Alternatively and after a huge investment of time and money complicate systems can monitor the screen in a restricted way.

Sounds complex?
We make it different. We make things easy.

The solution

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e-nizing.io the solution reflections
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e-nizing.io the solution reflections
Icon e-nizing.io condition monitoring


Monitor all your reclaimer to know their performance.

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Analyze the measured data to avoid damages and failures.

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Easy installation and user-friendly usage.

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Access from every device.


Step 1

The reclaimer is doing its job.

Step 2
Bearing sensor

The bearing sensors measure the vibrations of the bearings.

Step 3

The gateway collects the measured data from the sensors and transmits it to e-nizing.io.

Step 4
e-nizing.io for reclaimer

The e-nizing.io platform visualizes and analyzes the data of all your reclaimer on your devices. The data gets decrypted on the server.


e-nizing.io screenshot Bearing Overview

Bearing dashboard

The dashboard displays all the important informations of a bearing. The data will be visualized in real time. Additional features can analyze the data.

1 Bearing wheel with connected sensors

2 Key Values

3 Add-Ons


Additional Add-Ons provide deeper insights on the reclaimer.


The reclaimer solution is clearly structured in five levels:

World - Location - Reclaimer overview - Machine parts - Machine dashboard

On the world map you can add all your plants. Choosing a location will show all the processes and reclaimer in this location.
The reclaimer overview allows to manage and monitor the machine parts in a reclaimer.

e-nizing.io notifications


If there is any problem with a bearing e-nizing.io can send you a notification. This can be a phone call, an API call or an email.


Get in touch with us and we will make your reclaimer ready for the future.