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one app for all IoT solutions

e-nizing.io is a highly scalable platform for remote monitoring and analyzing the data of all your machines. Anytime and on any device.

The e-nizing core elements

Core element 1:


e-nizing.io gives you the freedom to integrate all your IoT solutions. Even non-IoT machines can be retrofitted.

Integration flow

Core element 2:



e-nizing.io is clearly structured in four levels:

World - Location - Process - Machine

On each level, you can see the relevant data. With Add-Ons you can analyze or summarize the data. For example, you can use an Add-On on the World level to see the overall equipment effectiveness for all machines globally.
Another example could be an Add-On on the Machine level to forecast the lifetime of the machine.

e-nizing.io dashboard info

The dashboard

The dashboard displays all the important information of a screen. The data will be visualized in real time. Additional features can analyze the data.

1 Vibrating screen with connected sensors

2 Key Values

3 Add-Ons

Core element 3:



e-nizing.io offers you different analyzing Add-Ons like the History Tool or the Exciter Analysis.

3rd Party Service

The data can be sent to a 3rd Party Service to be analyzed. The results will then be visualized in e-nizing.io.

Core element 4:


e-nizing.io automatic phone call

Triggering actions

You can define limits for every data point. These limits can trigger phone calls, E-Mails or calls to an external API. This can be used for example to get notified if there is a problem in the plant or to order spare parts automatically.

Why e-nizing?

Icon e-nizing.io is simple


e-nizing.io delights with a very easy and user-friendly usage so you don't need any training to work with it.

Icon e-nizing.io is generic


You can visualize any data and any machine with one clearly structured user interface.

Icon e-nizing.io is safe


Highest security standards will ensure that every user can see his own data only.

Icon e-nizing.io is fast


We can integrate every machine in at least two weeks and you are ready to start!

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