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The challenge

Getting the status from all Loss in weight feeder across production lines can be hard. But it is necessary as feeders are process critical machines and have direct impact on the quality of the product.

Sounds complex?
We make it different. We make things easy.

The solution

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e-nizing.io the solution reflections
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Icon e-nizing.io condition monitoring


Monitor all your feeder to know their performance.

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Analyze the measured data to avoid damages and failures.

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Easy installation and user-friendly usage.

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Access from every device.


Step 1

The feeder is doing its job.

Step 2
Feeder electronics

The feeder electronic controls the machine and holds all the data.

Step 3

The gateway collects the measured data from the sensors and transmits it to e-nizing.io.

Step 4
e-nizing.io for feeder

The e-nizing.io platform visualizes and analyzes the data of all your feeder on your devices. The data gets decrypted on the server.


e-nizing.io Feeder dashboard

Feeder dashboard

The dashboard displays all the important information of a feeder. The data will be visualized in real time. Additional features can analyze the data.

1 feeder with connected sensors

2 Key Values

3 Add-Ons


e-nizing.io is clearly structured in four levels:

World - Location - Process - Machine dashboard

On the world map you can add all your plants. Choosing a location will show all the processes in this location.
The process view allows to manage the assets in a process and the connection between them.

e-nizing.io notifications


If there is any problem with a feeder e-nizing.io can send you a notification. This can be a phone call, an API call or an email.


Get in touch with us and we will make your feeder ready for the future.